Common egg cooking mistakes

Here are some common mistakes people make when cooking eggs:

cooking the eggs in a shallow pot,
not adding enough water to the pot,
not salting the water,
cooking the eggs in boiling water,
peeling the egg when it’s cold,

These mistakes are specific to boiling eggs. When it comes to poaching eggs, some common mistakes are:

not adding vinegar to the poaching liquid,
choosing a pot that’s not deep enough for the poaching process,
keeping the water too hot,
not using fresh eggs,
using the same bowl to crack all your eggs,

If you’re making poached eggs, adding salt and vinegar to your poaching liquid can help the egg protein set more quickly and avoid streaks of white from spreading everywhere.

When making scrambled eggs, one of the most common mistakes is overcooking them. To avoid this, consider adding a small amount of stock, about two teaspoons per egg, to your beaten eggs. As the water evaporates, the egg will become puffier.