According to EU standards

According to European Union standards, each egg must be marked with a code so that buyers know where it comes from.

1(A) PL(B) 18(C) 32(D) 12(E) 98(F)

What does this code mean?
A – breeding method
B – country of origin
C – voivodeship
D – district
E – type of activity
F – manufacturer’s number

The first symbol of the A code is the most important. Eggs from cage breeding are marked 3. Laying hens spend their entire lives locked in cages without the possibility of turning around, they peck and get sick, the animals are fed artificially with the addition of growth hormones and antibiotics. Eggs marked 2 from barn breeding come from hens kept indoors, but on litter where they have considerable freedom of movement. It is best to choose eggs marked with the number 1 from free-range hens and 0 from organic farms, from hens fed only with natural products.