Unusual facts about eggs

The egg is one of Salvador Dali’s favorite motifs.
Hundred-year-old eggs are a characteristic dish of Chinese cuisine, stored from several weeks to several months. There are also connoisseurs who keep them for even years.
The cooking time for a hard-boiled ostrich egg is about 2.5 hours.
We check the freshness of an egg by placing the egg in a pot with water – if it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh.
The egg has been a symbol of life, rebirth and new beginnings in most cultures around the world for centuries.
Chicken eggs are the most popular, but it is also worth trying duck, goose or quail eggs. Each of them has its own unique taste characteristics and culinary uses.
Eggs were used as medicine in ancient Egypt and China, and today they are a valued product in the diet of the elderly and children.
In many fairy tales and legends, the egg is a magical source of power or the key to solving puzzles.
In ancient Rome, eggs were dyed different colors and given as gifts on holidays.