Egg in Eastern medicine

According to Eastern medicine, eggs are the essence of life, a very nutritious product, ideal for people with many deficiencies. Like other food products of animal origin, eggs are best served for breakfast or lunch. Then the protein will have the appropriate time to be properly digested. We try to eat vegetarian or vegan dishes for dinner.

Scrambled eggs with chives, pepper, onion, garlic and peppers will be a great idea for breakfast because it nourishes the blood and internal fluids and strengthens qi (energy). However, it should not be consumed in case of humid heat in the liver (hepatitis) or infection or stones in the gallbladder. They are beneficial for pregnant women – they have a calming, stabilizing effect on the fetus. In China, ginger eggs are prepared before birth and eaten every day by the mother during the postpartum period. They are also beneficial for children, especially when they are in the phase of intensive growth (hormone production), as well as for physically exhausted and elderly people.