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Computer Visions System for Damaged Yolk Optical Recognition

The system utilizes a Machine Learning technique, namely Mask R-CNN (Mask Regional Convolutional Neural Network) to detect egg yolks and classify them into two categories - proper yolks (ready for separation) and damaged yolks. Machine learning means that our engineers didn't manually specify the rules for yolk shape - instead, we have labeled images extracted out of production videos and made the algorithm use try-and-error with backpropagation algorithm to adjust it's internal parameters. We have chosen this approach (after delivering initial solution based on manual feature engineering few years ago), because it achieved best accuracy and robustness to changing conditions. This particular neural network type (Mask R-CNN) is highly resilient to changes in orientation, scale (zoom), lighting conditions, minor dirt elements, even to major disturbances such as different background. It is also a 'deeply supervised' model, which means that it's relatively easy to explain why the model has made particular decision (compared to so called end-to-end models, such as image classifiers or regression models) and improve it if needed.   Watch on YouTube:  ...

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Crack even 120 000 eggs/hour with our UDTJ-500 centrifugal egg cracker!

We present you with a short clip demonstrating the abilities of our fully automatic centrifugal 🥚 egg cracker, the UDTJ-500❗️ It will find application in large bakeries, confectioneries, pasta making companies as well as in large liquid egg manufacturing plants 🥮 Easy operation, robust design and high capacity all in one! All of this at an affordable price, which makes the UDTJ-500 a leader in its class 👍

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What is pasteurized liquid egg and how is it made?

Liquid egg and pasteurized eggs are the derivatives of chicken eggs, usually used for the production of foods such as cakes, donuts, pasta, mayonnaise and pates. Liquid eggs, whites and yolks are pasteurized in order to ensure a long expiration period and ensure food safety. Slow thermal processing eliminates dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella which are harmful for human digestive system and can be very dangerous for human health. CDC estimates that Salmonella causes as many as 1.35 million infections in the United States every year, food being the cause of most of these illnesses. Symptoms include, but are not limited to diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. For the sake of removing all harmful elements and ensuring food safety, the liquid egg is first pasteurized before being used in further processing. In order to achieve this, the eggs are first cracked with the help of special egg breaking equipment, after which the obtained liquid egg is filtered from contaminants like tiny eggshell particles etc. The resulting, perfectly clean liquid egg is then heated up to the minimal temperature required to kill all the health threatening pathogens with the use of egg pasteurizer. After the minimal required temperature is achieved, the liquid is then quickly cooled down in order to prevent protein denaturation. The resulting pasteurized liquid egg is then pathogen-free and safe for human consumption. Some voices raise the opinion that pasteurization strips food of nutrients and therefore the resulting product is not as good as that made out of raw ingredients. Numerous studies show, however, that it is in fact not true that pasteurization causes the loss of nutritious value of the final product. Because of the low temperature in which the eggs are pasteurized, neither vitamins nor other nutrients are affected. There are other arguments that cause fresh whole eggs to be superior to their pasteurized version, however we will discuss this in another article....

OVO-TECH IPPE 2022 invitation

Visit us during the International Production & Processing Expo 2022!

We want to invite everyone to visit our booth during the upcoming International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA, United States 🇺🇸 During the show, you will get a chance to see some of our bestsellers as well as a new, never before seen machine which will soon revolutionize the egg breaking industry💪 Date: January 25th-27th 2022 Place: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA Hall B, Booth B6853 👈 see you there❗...

Happy New Year 2022!

We want to extend our best wishes to all of our clients, business partners and friends. We wish all of you a wonderful, successful, and happy New Year 2022. Let it be full of hope and new, exciting opportunities. Above all, we want to thank you for being with us and giving us the opportunity to serve. Again, thank you and Happy New Year ...

New RZ-0 egg breaker/separator with 2300 eggs/hour capacity!

We are excited to introduce the new, improved RZ-0 egg breaker❗ With higher capacity (up to 2300 eggs/hour🥚), smaller footprint, better ergonomics and more precise breaking mechanism, it will even better serve our clients in bakeries all over the world🌎 Find out more at 👈 ...