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OVO-TECH  in medicine, veterinary and scientific research

In the recent years, plenty of research facilities across the globe work on developing technologies in pharmaceutical and zootechnical areas. It is related to the creation of medicine both, for humans as well as for animals. In both cases, eggs are widely used in the research process.In response to this, OVO-TECH, as a leading manufacturer of egg processing machines, actively supports the research in biological sciences and clinical diagnostics. Stepping forward, we modify and adjust our machines to meet the very specific needs of scientific research facilities, as well as those of pharmaceutical companies. Our group of dedicated and experienced experts pays special attention to the safety and confidentiality of such projects.

Egg breaking

Our machines break the eggs in the most hygienic manner, imitating the work of human hands.

Egg whites from yolks separation

Our machines effectively separate yolks from albumen at different stages of egg development.

UV-C Disinfection

Our machines are highly effective in killing eggshell bacteria.

Egg washing

We make probably the best tunnel egg washers in the world.

The standard modifications include:
1. The improvement of sanitary standards through the use of stainless steel 316L (PN-EN 10027-2, no 1.4404) in the areas in direct contact with eggs as well as the adaptation of some of the machines’ elements for the purpose of autoclav sterilization.
2. Adjusting the machines’ functionalities in the areas of:
– egg breaking,
– separating yolks from whites,
– chemical disinfection,
– UV-C disinfection,
– egg washing.