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RZ—8 eight row egg breaker


Separates whites from yolks, capacity 25600 eggs/hour
DESTINATION: Egg breaking facilities, bakeries, confectioneries, pasta making companies.
CAPACITY: 25600 eggs/hour
REPLACES: 60 people
POWER SUPPLY: 4 kW 400 V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz, 220 V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz, compressed air of minimum 6-8 bar [87-116 psi]
DIMENSIONS: 3502x2762x1160 mm [138x109x46 in.]
MINIMAL WORKSPACE: 4000×3000 mm [157×118 in.]
WEIGHT: 300 kg [661 lbs]
OPERATED BY: 4 persons
Compressed air is required. Compatible with the UZS egg shell breaker. Compatible with the SF scraper filter. Compatible with the MT-8 tunnel washer. The egg breaker is equipped with a semi-automatic cleaning system which cleans the machine from inside. If eggs are of inferior quality and yolks from whites separation is intended, the eggs should be cooled to the temperature of below 14 degrees Celsius [57 degrees Fahrenheit] prior to breaking. We recommend a simple egg quality test. All parts of our machines which come in contact with eggs are made out of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304).


The RZ-8 egg breakers with the function of separating egg whites from yolks is the fastest egg breakers from OVO-TECH.

The machines automatically collect eggs from the steel feeder tray and moves them over special knives which cut and separate the shells. Next, the eggs, after going through a quality control tray, go through a separator, where egg whites are separated from yolks after which they are redirected into supplied buckets. This most hygienic egg breaking method is an innovation by OVO-TECH.

The RZ-8 egg breaker has two operating modes: precise and fast. The precise mode should be used for processing eggs of inferior quality. The whites in such eggs are watery and the yolks are very weak. Knives in the precise mode operate in a very strict manner, separating the shell slowly and gently, so that the yolk gently flows out of the broken shell which minimizes the amount of broken yolks. Fast mode is designed for breaking eggs of good quality. The whites in such eggs are in a gel form and the yolks are firm. In this mode, the machine operates at its maximum capacity. On top of that, the RZ-8 egg breaker is equipped with a smooth speed regulation. The operator can adjust the operating speed at any time and in any mode. The knives height and their hitting strength are adjustable which comes in handy when breaking eggs with weak shells. On top of that, the RZ-8 egg breaker is equipped with a semi-automatic cleaning system which cleans the machine interiors.

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